The Mesilla Valley Iris Society (MVIS) usually holds its annual sale of Irisrhizomes the first weekend after Labor Day.  This year the sale is 9-10 (Satand Sun) September 2017 at the Mesilla Valley Mall in Las Cruces (near thetheater).  These rhizomes are excess rhizomes from our members' gardens andare proven growers in our climate.  The rhizomes have been donated by ourmembers and freshly dug from their own gardens.  All rhizomes are cleaned,labeled and dipped in a disinfectant solution.  About 1/2 has beenintroduced in the past 10 years!   Below is the price list.  Click on MVIS tab, then Sale to see links to pictures.  The pictureswill be added before the sale $2    Iris introduced before 1997              $3    Iris introduce between 1998 and 2005           $4    Iris introduce between 2006 and 2008             $5    Iris introduce between 2009 and 2010           $6    Iris introduce between 2011 and 2012               $7    Iris introduce between 2013 and 2016                 New Mexico is a perfect area to grow these unusual flowers  The meetings are 2PM, third Sunday of the month at the 1st floor meeting room, Hallmark Building at the Village of Northrise, 2880 N Roadrunner Parkway.  For more information contact 303-910-7764.   Directions is at The 2017 MVIS show was held April 22, 2017.  The following awards were given: 

  • Best in show - Heart Of Hearts - AB OGB- - Margaret Ritter
  • 1st Runner Up - Grab A Grape - TB - Steve Kelly
  • 2nd Runner Up - Metairie Ridge - LA - Howie Dash
  • Best Seedling - TAFCS 12-13 - Steve Kelly
  • Best TB - Grab A Grape - Steve Kelly
  • Best AB - Heart Of Hearts - Margaret Ritter
  • Best SA - Harley Jolly - Sally Morge
  • Best Hist - Quaker Lady - Rosemary Anderson
  • Runner Up TB - Frilled To Bits - Steve Kelly
  • Silver Medal - Most Blue Ribbons - 10 - Steve Kelly
  • Bronze Medal - 2nd most Blue Ribbons - 7 - Scarlett Ayres

        The Mesilla Valley Iris Society (MVIS) is an affiliate organization of the American Iris Society (AIS) serving the communities in the Mesilla Valley along the Rio Grande in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Our club programs throughout the year include lectures, a judged iris show, and an annual plant sale.  Our membership is comprised of gardeners representing all experience levels from novice to experts with an interest in growing these beautiful plants in our desert environment. Yes! Most varieties grow beautifully in the desert and are heat and drought tolerant!  No! Rabbits do not in general eat irises (unless they are very very hungry). Presentation about the MVIS

2017 MVIS Winner's Table

Show Photo: 
MVIS 2017 Show
Show winners

Best Historic prior to 1950- Quaker Lady shown by Rosemary Anderson

Show Photo: 
Quaker Lady, Best Historic
Best Historic prior to 1950

Grab A Grape shown by Steve Kelly

Show Photo: 
Best TB, 1st Runner-Up in Show

Seedling TAFCS 12-13 Shown by Steve Kelly

Show Photo: 
Best Seedling TAFCS 12-13
Best Seedling (out of 19 seedlings)

Heart of Hearts grown by Margaret Ritter

Show Photo: 
Heart of Hearts, AB
Best in Show, Best AB

MVIS Show Rules 2017

This presentation discusses the show booklet for the Mesilla Valley Iris Society.  It discusses the different sectons, how to fill out the tags and the order of events on show day.  click on on the link to go to the presentation

Best TB Runner Up Tidal Raves, Best AB Mean Mister Mustard MVIS 2016

Show Photo: 
Best TB  Runner Up Tidal Raves, Best AB  Mean Mister Mustard
Best TB Runner Up and Best AB

MVIS 2016 Queen's Table

Show Photo: 
Plum Wicked Best in Show
Best In Show

Garden View

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